Wanted For Credit Card Fraud In Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross

No one likes to be the victim of credit card fraud.  You may be planning a purchase, and when you make a large purchase, your card is declined.  It’s a headache you don’t need.  Police in Bensalem , Bucks County are attempting to locate the woman in the above photo. She is accused of stealing a wallet from  a customer at the Giant Store in Bensalem on September 9, 2021.


Once she lifted the wallet , police said that she is accused of using stolen credit cards at multiple stores in the area.  Even though she wore a face mask, he has a distinctive build . She was wearing a jean jacket and and orange top. Bensalem Police want to help her complete the orange outfit at no additional cost to her, albeit it will only be a temporary basis.

If you know her, you are urged to contact Bensalem Authorities (215) 633-3719.  They also want to question her about additional thefts in the area.