Bensalem Police Looking For Storage Locker Burglary Suspect

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem Police are hoping someone knows the guy in the above photo . Is name is Alec Apostolou and there is a warrant for his arrest in Bensalem Twp.  That warrant is for burglaries of storage units, in the township.   Since February of 2022, police started getting reports of  a male cutting the locks from storage units in Bensalem. That male was caught on security footage and he would at times ride a bicycle from these crimes.



Apostolou was involved in an accident and was injured, However, police did not put two and two together until after the crash, when an officer was reviewing video of the crash and found out the suspects name, as he saw Apostolou ride his bike towards Philly.  He was tracked to a convenience store on Frankford Avenue, near the border with Bensalem where employees knew him and provided police with a name. They just did not know where to find him.

They still do not know where he is, but they would like to serve him with the warrant and ask him questions about his possible involvement in the thefts. If you know where he is, you are asked to call Bensalem Police at (215) 633-3719. He could be in Philadelphia.