Dawn Bancroft, Doylestown MAGA Rioter Gets Light Prison Sentence

by Alex Lloyd Gross


July 22,2022

Dawn Bancroft  begged US District Judge Emmet Sullivan for a light sentence.   She was happy about being in the US Capitol when she should not have been in there. She posted that she “did her part” .  Then she got arrested.  She learned her fate late yesterday, 60 days in prison with three years probation.

During her sentencing hearing, she argued that her name was now synonymous with the insurrection on Google searches and her gym business had suffered.   She made statements that she was going to “Find Nancy to shoot her in the friggin brain, but we did not find her.”.  More serious charges against her were dropped in exchange for her guilty plea  of Demonstrating, Parading or Picketing In the US Capitol .


Judge Sullivan wanted to sentence her for more than  the 60 days sought by the prosecution, saying he was disturbed by her comments. calling the “very troubling.”  Bancroft and her co-defendant Diana Santos-Smith, both entered the building twice but stayed for less than a minute each time. In spite of the comment about shooting the Speaker Of the House, she was not armed..  The way they admitted getting into the building was to climb through a window that was broken.

Bancroft will report to federal prison at a later date.  In a bit of irony, she was elected as a republican committee woman  during the last election.  She used to reside in Middletown, Bucks County.  Both Bancroft and Santos-Smith admitted to FBI Agents they took a train to Washington DC.  They were caught on multiple security cameras inside  and around the US Capitol. Those images were useful , along with her own social media posts to secure her conviction.