Local Support and National Aid To Israel After Terrorist Attacks

ALEX LLOYD GROSS/ Delaware Valley News.com File Photo Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Hamas is a terrorist organization. Their ideals and agenda serve no legitimate purpose. That being said,they launched an unprovoked attack on Israel over the occupation on the Gaza Strip. They have killed thousands and taken 200 people as hostage, Tonight, President Joe Biden announced the United States will send an estimate $100. Billion in aid to Israel and the Ukraine.

Alex Lloyd Gross/ Delaware Valley News.com File photo of President Joe Biden

Some of that money will be spent on the border but nothing will happen until the house elects a speaker. Kevin McCarthy was ousted as Speaker Of the House and the house has been in turmoil, as Rep. Jim J0ordan tries to push himself into that role.

As Biden spoke , he also mentioned the war in the Ukraine, which has been going on for over a year. A good portion of that aid will go to the Ukraine.

Locally, in Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania Senate adopted Resolution 191 and Resolution 185 condemning the unprovoked terrorist attack launched by Hamas against the State of Israel on October 7, 2023 and the Pennsylvania House adopted Resolution 245 urging the Congress of the United States to provide the State of Israel with the support necessary to ensure its safety and security and condemning the terrorist attack in Israel by Hamas.

“The attacks on October 7th were no doubt an act of terrorism, an act by a group whose ideological goal and view is to destroy and exterminate the Jewish people. I know that I speak for countless people across our Commonwealth who are shaken by these events, whether they saw events unfold on the news or have friends and family that were killed in these attacks,” said Rep. Aaron Kaufer, co-sponsor of HR 245. “The Jewish people will not be exterminated; we will defeat this threat as we have in the past. As a Jewish man, I am proud that the Governor and my colleagues in both the House and Senate can come together in a bipartisan manner to stand in solidarity with Israel.”

Alex Lloyd Gross/ Delaware Valley News.com File photo of Governor Josh Shapiro

Across the nation, support for Israel is growing. There is some discontent, among some misinformed people that are protesting in support of Palestine. Both Biden and Governor Josh Shapiro made the distinction between innocent Palestinians and those that support Hamas. The majority of Palestinians do not support Hamas. Those that do support the slaughter of innocent people.

There is growing disdain for students at colleges and universities that engage in anti-Israel demonstrations and speech, to take away their financial aid.