Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion – On Re Opening

by Paul Big Bear
Dear Friends,
      March of 2020 we were told that Corona Virus was killing us and we need to take precautions; wear a mask, stay six feet apart, wash our hands a lot, use hand sanitizer a lot, take your temperature. Living became virtual; work from home, school from home, no eating out, no unnecessary shopping, have food (meals and grocery shopping) delivered, even virtual doctor visits. Mail in votes, early voting, voter fraud and so many obstacles and restrictions, as we were told daily how many had tested positive and died. How did this happen?
Where exactly did Corona Virus come from, how did it suddenly become COVID19? For fifteen months we heard how deadly this virus is, we were told we could not visit loved ones in the hospital, worse that those who died could not have a proper funeral. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, movies, plays, live entertainment, and so much more were put on hold. How many restrictions; plane, train, car, crossing from state to state, mandatory masking, mandatory self quarantine if you were possibly exposed. Mean while we were subject to so many conflicting reports regarding origin of this terrible pandemic, of what could possibly keep us safe and what to do if tested positive. Who was doing what to end this horrific disease? Mean while our country has been scared into division, we no longer trust our government, our medical profession, our police, our military, each other. So on June second we have been told we may remove the masks, go out and shop, eat, seek entertainment, attend sporting events, we can even have Bar B Q’s again.
     So we are allowed to come out and live again, but what are we coming out to? Drive down the road in any town and see how many businesses were forced to close, go to your favorite place to eat (if it is still open) and hopefully they have enough help to make it a pleasant time out. How about your financial situation? The price of lumber, groceries, gas, electronics, and just about everything you can think of has gone up. So while we did our part to end this pandemic social distancing and hiding behind a mask, suffering the financial burdens of jobs on hold or lost, our elected representatives fought amongst themselves about who was telling the truth, who knew best, and voting themselves raises while staying home with the promise that they would return if there were an emergency. Really! Reality is; take off the mask, gather with friends and loved ones, the world we left behind has changed have we?
I still love my country, my flag, the Constitution of the United States, but also acknowledge that our country exists because of and for the citizens, the taxpayers, the work force, the backbone of freedom. The things we knew and remember may have changed but as long as “we the people” stand united and put our families, our futures, our faiths as priority we will survive. I will live this way, I will also pray that someone doesn’t want the pandemic of 2020 to be forgotten, you see I want the lessons learned and yet to be learned to remain, and to be taught for experience is knowledge what we do with it is wisdom!
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