Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Time

Dear Friends,

        “What time is it?” “Do you know what time it is?” “Do we have time to get there?” Time seems to be very important in our lives, we have clocks on our wall, our desk, a watch on our wrist, and our phone in our pocket tells us the time. How often has someone asked “When will you fix the gate (or some other task)?” Do you reply “When I get around to it.” Has time become a pressure in your life? There was a time’ when time wasn’t such a pressure. There was a time when the day started with the rising of the sun and ended when it set, the hours of the day were measured by the movement of the sun’s rays and the moon.





        The sun round in the sky, the moon also round in its rotation of the earth around the sun, the moon’s movement around the earth. Life was simple then, up with the light work your chores, eat, bed when the day’s light goes down. Soon the demands of living put us on a more stringent schedule and time became more important. Someone created a thing called a sundial, a device for following the hours of the day by the shadows cast by the sun. Soon came the clock, a round “face” with numbers 1 through 12 and “hands” that rotate that face, at first two, a long faster moving hand measured the minutes and a shorter slower hand for the hours. Soon a third hand that moved much faster measured the seconds. Usually this clock was very large and set in a town tower where everyone could see it and know the time. This required constant attention to keep the clock running and keeping time. Some clocks even sounded the hours with the ringing of a bell. Soon there were clocks in homes to keep our lives on time and we were still getting around to it. Soon we carried a small clock (now called a watch) in our pockets or we wore one on our wrist. From the round sun and moon and their timely rotations to the pressures of our timed lives; dinner at five, movies at seven, party at nine, appointments at precise times and please be fifteen minutes early. Yes, our lives are aptly called “the rat race” as we live our circle walk of life. Time and circles one gets dizzy with it all. Perhaps when this circle walk of life ends and I begin my eternal circle walk it will be untimed and just enjoyed.