Tom Rush Plays Two Local Shows This Weekend

by Alex Lloyd Gross

For the first time since COVID, Tom Rush is back out on the road.  His tour brings him to the World Cafe LIVE on May 6, 2022  That is tomorrow.  When asked what the audience can expect, his response was matter of fact. “Brilliance, of course. I’m coming in with my accompanist, Matt McCord, my accompanist, I pay him to steal the show, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Rush said.  He has new songs that he wants to play and he promises to play all the old favorites that people come to hear.

“My job is to have fun, I don’t know how that came to be. i graduated college with an English Literature degree and there was no career path attached to that,.  However, people were willing to pay me to get on stage and sing songs, so i figured I’ll so that for a while,  until I figure out what I want to do with my life. well 60 years later,  I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my life,”Rush said.  Many people would argue that he has it figured out.

Rush had played the Philadelphia Folk Festival.  He has also played smaller shows and he actually enjoys them, “I like the intimacy.”he said.  He is known for doing private concerts for fans.  Some shows there have just been two people. “:It was awkward s, I felt like a jukebox, with people asking for requests.” Rush said. He did not mind it, but he was not accustomed to it.  “The best part of my job is that no two days are alike. I never had a tour bus of my own, I’ll be driving down to Philly. I can bring all my guitars. If I am flying I can only bring two,”Rush said.

He still hopes to write a book about the music business. “I can tell you what to expect and why you would not like to do this, I can tell you the difference between an agent and a manager,” Rush said.basically a manager gets deals signed and an agent books gigs.


On May 7,2022 He will be at the Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center in West Chester.  “The last time I played there was in the middle of a blizzard. I can guarantee that won;t happen Saturday,”  Rush said.  A few tickets remain for each show.