One By One Roxborough Football Shooters Are Getting Arrested

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Oct 13, 2022

Philadelphia Police are making serious headway in the case involving the Roxborough Football Team murder. For the second day in a row, another person has been arrested. This time, it is a 17 year old juvenile.  His name is Zyhied Jones.


It was just after 6:00 AM when the front door of the Jones house on the 2700 block of West Albert Street came crashing down.  SWAT officers and federal agents from the ATF  arrested Jones. He did not turn himself in.


There were no injuries to anyone during the arrest. Jones is being charged as an adult with murder, four counts of aggravated assault, conspiracy and related offenses.

By surrendering,  a defendant can have the benefit of being with their lawyer and hugging their family. Before surrendering, they can stop for a meal. When police come get a suspect, none of that happens and family members will be detained for officer safety. It can make a traumatic experience worse.. Yaaseen Bivins was arrested yesterday. He faces the same charges.