Emergency Officials Issue Warnings Ahead Of Winter Storm

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A winter storm is coming to this region. Due to above normal temperatures, most of us are expected to get only rain and windy conditions. That being said Emergency Management Officials are putting out advisories , cautioning people not to do stupid things.

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo-Delaware Valley News.com Vehicles stalled out in flooded roadways.

You see a road is closed, you are driving an SUV. Maybe you can go through it, but maybe the road is undermined or it is deeper than you thought, now you are stuck. In Pennsylvania , you will be fined for the cost of the rescue when emergency responders have to come out because you drove through a road closed sign.

You should know the areas that flood.In Philly, look for flooded roads at Columbus Blvd, Kelly Drive, Cobbs Creek Parkway among other places. Bensalem State Road is bad, as is portions of Newportville Road in Bristol Twp. Know more than one way home. If you come upon flooded roadways, go in another direction,

People that live near the Delaware River, Poquessing or Neshaminy Creek should pay close attention. A small creek or tributary can turn violent in a few minutes, with torrents of rushing water over flowing the banks.

Water can make soil soft and that with higher than normal winds can topple electric poles. Stay away from wires down in the road. Poles that start to lean can topple at any moment. Move parked vehicles away from trees if possible, branches can snap off and damage a vehicle.

Driving through flooded roadways can make your vehicle disabled, beyond repair. That means it’s time for a new one, of water gets near the computer chips. It can be too expensive to fix. If you cannot afford a newer car and opt to have yours repaired, plan on keeping it in the shop and extended time until all the chips and parts come in .